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Monday, August 1, 2011

Martin Denny In Person

Volga Boatmen
Martin Denny In Person
Recorded Live At Duke Kahanamoku's In Honolulu
Liberty Records LST 7224

I have one other live Denny album, Hawaii Goes A Go - Go, Liberty LPR-3445, 1967. The engineering on that album leaves a lot to be desired. The sound on this LP is outstanding by comparison. This record really puts you right in front of the band.

The vibe of the set is more jazz than exotica. 


  1. Dear Mark, first i want to congratulate your disc collection and the quality of your blogs, I have visited them all and you really took much work, I believe that the satisfactions will be many. I write to you from Buenos Aires, I am collector also but in Argentina is not easy to obtain music from the USA, sometimes the old discs are not published here. This is the case of Martin Denny, I am a true admirer of the music of Denny, will exist some way to obtain "In Person" I have looked for long time and cant't obtain it, what you can do I will appreciate. greetings from Argentina.


  2. Denny is SO amazing. I don't have this LP.


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