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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brown Rain - Victor Brady

It's A Grand World Outside
Brown Rain
Victor Brady
Polydor 24-4036

Steel drum fit for The Atomic Attic.

As luck would have it, this album I found today, turns out to be a fairly rare or at least obscure psych album featuring steel drummer and vocalist Victor Brady. Listening to the record is like taking an Apocalypse Now Lysergic Acid Calypso Holiday.

Or, from the back cover: The sounds open up the sky you see. And Brown Rain falls down soaking the earth with shining metal hallucinodreams.

Once, many moons ago, the albums appears to have been released on CD. But today both vinyl and CD copies seem to be almost non-existant.

Crazy stuff!


  1. Great find! I always pick up unusual stuff of this vintage.

  2. That is insane! I love it! Love the steel drum! That record popped into your pile for a reason!! XO


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