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Monday, August 1, 2011

Let's Belly Dance With Gus Vali

Caravan #9
Let's Belly Dance With Gus Vali
Produced by Gus Vali & George Young
Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Gus Vali
Recorded at The Record Plant, New York
Sound Engineer: Carmine Rubino
P.I. Records, Inc. PI-LPS-93

Gus Vali - Flute & Clarinet
George Mgrdichian - Ord
Mohammed El Akkard - Kunun
Haskel Obadia - Violin
Ali Hafid - Dumbek
Sauren Baronin - Zins
Chet Amsterdam - Bass
Bill Lavorgna - Drums
Joseph Castelion - Utility Percussion

From the back cover: Despite his B.A. in Flute from Manhattan College and an M.A. in musical education Gus Vali is still able to retain the true folk quality of Middle Eastern music. His great talent in this area undoubtedly has been influenced by his heritage.

His parents were born on the shores of the Sea of Marmara in Asia Minor of Greek stock. Although born and raised in New York, Gus Vali developed a great love for the music of Greece and of the Middle East to which he has mastered his craft in a variety of musical areas. As a youngster he was a featured performer on clarinet, saxophone and flute with the great bands of Artie Shaw, Johnny Long and Jan August. He has played with his own society orchestra whose success was built on their ability to play the rhythms and melodies of the dance music of the world.

Pharonic Dance
Ya Jamalik
The Speechless Animal
Caravan #9
El Gazalle
Ya Raitni Ma Hawitez
Al Jazayer
Ya Reim Wadi Thaqif
Caravan #5

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  1. Love the chain mail outfit! VERY beautiful music! Oh I'd love to find this!


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