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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Exotic Percussion And Brilliant Brass - John Evans

An Occasional Man
Full Album
Exotic Percussion And Brilliant Brass
The John Evans Orchestra
Direction Sound/Premier Albums
DS 5006

This line of records was Premier's answer to the success of Enoch Light's "percussion" projects. Premier copied the cover graphic/book-fold look and tried, not always successfully, to capture some of what Light was doing in the studio.

This particular album is good fun if you are a collector of "exotica" Many songs copy Martin Denny/Arthur Lyman style, complete with bird calls. In addition, there are more straight forward Lyman-like Latin/jazz tracks. These tracks carried the album and are nicely executed.

Bad And Beautiful
Eso Es El Amor
Mambo Inn
An Occasional Man
Cuban Caper
Quite Village
Return To Paradise
Mambo Italiano
Lisbon Antigua
Cool Mambo


  1. Thanks, Mark. This is John Evans, is it not?
    Can you post the whole album? Doc

  2. Happy New Year Doc! Let me know when you've downloaded the album. I'll likely delete it soon to save server space. Thanks, Mark


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