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Monday, December 26, 2011

Live It Up! - Irving Fields

Sweet And Lovely - I Cried Fro You and Blue Moon
Live It Up!
With Irving Fields
King 709

Here's an amazing Irving Fields cover.

Here's the first obscure Fields record I stumbled across titled The Fabulous Fingers Of Irving Fields.

If you are into space age you are probably looking for a copy of Fields popular Bikinis And Bongs and Bagel And Bongos, both of which feature wild cover art.

At the time of this posting I found that Mr. Fields has a website and may still playing about town at the age of 95!


  1. Hi, do you have the track list of this Records ?

    1. Sorry, in both instances on these early posts, I hadn't yet gotten into the habit of adding the track list. I'll try and dig them up at some point soon.


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