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Monday, December 19, 2011

Percussion For Playboys

Angel Eyes
Percussion For Playboys
Omega OSD 2

This one looks like it was released in... oh, say 1960/61. The LP is a compilation of whatever Omega had on the shelf at the moment... including several weird tracks that include a sound effects track from an automobile race and the track titled A Visit To A Hindu Monastery (that I tacked onto the sample track above)! There are no artist credits and there is precious little "percussion" on the album. Actually this is more of a "jazz" album. Omega slapped the provocative title and cheesecake photo on the cover and they were good to go.

Sports Car Races
Mickey Mouse Theme
Take The "A" Train
Dancing On The Ceiling
Island Of Desire
Coop Salutes
Return To Paradise
Latin Heat
Limehouse Blues
Angel Eyes
It Ain't Necessarily So
A Visit To A Hindu Monastery

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