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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Spanish Songs And Dances In Motion - Jose Greco


Siguirlyas And Fiesta Flamenca

Spanish Songs And Dances In Motion
Jose Greco And His Dance Company
Orquesta de Conciertos de Madrid
Roger Machado, Director
Dancers: Lola De Ronda, Curro Rodriguez, Lupe del Rio, Luisa Sabiola
Singer: Norina
Guitars: Miguel Garcia, Emilio De Diego
Cover Photo: Records Photo Studio - Henry Parker
Columbia Masterworks MS 6265

From Billboard - September 11, 1961: A vibrant package of Spanish flamenco music as performed by Jose Greco and his dance company. The exciting melodies and spirited rhythms are well enhanced by the quality stereo sound. Highlights are "Siguiriyas and Fiesta Flamenca," "Los Novios de Mentehermoso" and "Danza de Castilla." This excellent performance offers the listener a fine flavor of true Spanish folk music. Package has good commercial possibilities.

Fandango; Desafio; Farruca del Contrabandista
Siguiriyas and Fiesta Flamenca
Los Novios de Montehermoso
Romance Andaluz
La Petenera and Cana de los Cabales
Danza de Castilla
La Molinera Caprichosa

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