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Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Love Songs Of A. Willbur Meshel

The Love Song Of A. Wilbur Meshel
Written and Performed by Billy Meshel
Some song arranged by Nicky Welch except those with * arranged by Lew Warburton
Produced by Billy Meshel
Creative Supervision by Lewis Futtermen
Cover Photo: Norman Trigg
Cover Design: William Duevell and Henry Epstein
A Concert House Production
Probe ABC Records CPLP 4502S
Manufactured by Grand Awards Record Co.

Today Has Been Cancelled
If You Could Put That In A Bottle
(It Ain't Easy Being) Shirley Newman's Boyfriend
I Don't Like Liking You*
I Blew It
Take A Bow, Rufus Humfry*
That's What Sends Men To The Bowery*
I Didn't Come To N.Y. To Meet A Girl From My Hometown
I Say Hello When I'm Leaving

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