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Friday, February 14, 2020

Get Smart - Don Adams

Too Many Chiefs - Countersign
Don Adams
Get Smart
United Artists Records
Special material for Don Adams written by Buck Henry
"Get Smart" Segments written by Stan Burns, Mike Marmer, Geraldo Gardner, Dee Caruso & Buck Henry
Produced by Burt Nodella for Talent Associates, LTD
Special Effects & Engineer: Art Becker
High Fidelity UAL 3533


Barbara Feldon
Ed Platt
Vince Howard
James Millhollin
Rodger Prince
Susanne Cramer
Robert Cornthwaite
Frank De Vol
Donald Curtis
Bill Zuckert
Willis Bouchey
Robert Simon
Joey Foreman

Wasnington 4 - Indians 3
School Days
Satan Place
Too Many Chiefs - Countersign
The Latest Devices
All In The Mind
The Incredible Harry Hoo
I'm Only Human
Kisses For Kaos
Plane Sequence
Too Many Chiefs - Hotel Sequence
Weekend Vampire
Sorry 'Bout That

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