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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Great Science Fiction Film Music - Bernard Herrmann

Great Science Fiction Film Music
Composed And Conducted By Bernard Herrmann
Phase 4 Stereo London CSL 1001
Produced for the Science Fiction Book Club by London Records Special Products
Jim Danforth jacket illustration

This is an interesting album compilation album that consists of four tracks, made up of select segments from four movies.

Each track is broken down (in the jacket notes) as originally titled. However, in each of these tracks, the segments flow together so seamlessly that the track(s) play like a single piece of music.

The engineering between tracks is consistent and so good that each of the four tracks flow into one another.  You can just close your eyes and enjoy the entire album as a single, dramatic presentation.

The approach is completely orchestral and presented artfully without the standard sic-fi electronic fireworks.  I love the theremin... but Herrmann didn't need a lot of tricks to get his point across.

This is a surprisingly good record.

Side one

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Side 2

Journey To The Center Of The Earth
Fahrenheit 451

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