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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Charly - Ravi Shankar

Charly Theme
Music By Ravi Shankar
World Pacific/Liberty

From the jacket notes: There are many creative, imaginative and experienced composers in Hollywood. I (Ralph Nelson - Director and Producer) was determined that "Charly" needed a unique sound for this unique motion picture. Before the surge of publicity which made the musician Ravi Shankar the idol of the avant-garde, I played his "Variations On A Theme From Pather Panchali," film I had admired. The sounds were melodic, but more, they were haunting; they had the quality and inspiration which I believe essential to the scoring of my picture. Ravi Shankar was my man.

Nice listen which plays through, not so much like an avant grade work, but not like your standard sound track. The listen is more like an engaging concept album.

Main Title
Charly Theme
Scenic Tour
Improvisation On Charly Theme – The Man – Triumph In The Bakery
Love Montage
Variations On Love Theme
Self Pursuit
Love Theme Transformation
Charly Theme And Resolution

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