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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pearly Shells From Hawaii - The Waikikis

Moonlight And Shadows
Pearly Shells From Hawaii
The Waikikis
MCA Records MCA-544
All selections previously released on KAPP album old number KS-3555 entitled Pearly Shells From Hawaii

Sweet Leilani
Pearly Shells
The Hawaiian Wedding Song
Hawaiian Fever
Blue Hawaii
Beyond The Reef
Ha Lei O Hawaii
Tiny Bubbles
Moonlight And Shadows
Honey Sweet
Hawaiian March
I'll Remember You


  1. I bought this particular album at a yard sale, and the music is just beautiful. Makes me think I'm actually in Hawaii, making love to a beautiful Hawaiian gal.

  2. Hawaii? These guys transport me to paradise. I'm a fan...always was.


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