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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Musical World of Oliver Pacini

Hawaiian Wedding Song
The Musical World of Oliver Pacini
Cordak Records
Studio City, CA (Studio: Kojimachi, Toyko) 196?

Almost totally obscure exotic flavored LP with an accordion twist. I can find only one reference to Pacini online and that is that he played gigs in San Francisco and that people enjoyed his "sing-alongs".

Terrific and strange cover art by Takeshi Futami. Photo by Mainland Studio, Hong Kong. There is a tiny image next to the model in the lower left hand corner. It looks like another album cover with an image of Pacini on it. You have to use a magnifying glass to see it. Strange indeed.

There is a credit on the back for the model: Etsuko Pacini (Oliver's wife?).

Many of the credits are Japanese. One of the projects arrangers is, Goh Misawa.

Oliver credits himself in the jacket notes for doing gigs all over including Japan, Taiwan and the Phillippines.

The last track is oddly out of place on the LP (no accordion). But it is the most pleasant exotica piece (in my opinion) on the LP.



  1. Very nice Exotica! Relaxing & fluid.

  2. Hey Mark -- I was just doing a Google search and found your blog entry. Goh was my dad, and Oliver was my legal guardian when I spent a couple of years in the U.S. when I was a child--so I know a little about this record. Etsuko was indeed Oliver's wife. She became a few decades ago when he passed, and she has gone on to be remarried. Not mentioned on the album is their son Tony, who is a jazz pianist in Portland, Oregon. You can go check him out at

    The tiny strange image you see next to Etsuko was Oliver's "logo" of sorts. He played many instruments, and the logo shows his face in the center, with octopus arms reaching out to all of the many instruments he played.

    By the way, his name written in script was his actual signature.

    Hope that helps.

  3. One tid-bit to add : Oliver Pacini was also working as a booking agent in Portland Oregon in 1972. I was in a rock band and Oliver booked us a few gigs in the area. I remember he had copies of this album for sale on his desk! We use to joke that he might have Mafia connections.


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