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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Lord Saints Calypso Group

The Tattooed Lady
The Lord Saints Calypso Group
Come Sailing In
Record "Live" on the Norwegian Caribbean Lines M/V Skyward
Art Records Manufacturing Co.
Souvenir Records SLP-302 196?

Terrific cover image (I think there was a later pressing of this album with a different cover). I could see having a few drinks in the lounge while this grouped knocked out a set or two.


  1. Oh yes. drinks in the lounge on a TROPICAL ISLAND with that nice vacation sunburn glow and white clothes to show it all off. I love the whole scenario....I was a heavy duty sun worshiper until I started to spend thousands on collecting ink art and then you can't really lay in the sun because you fade your expensive ink....I just love steel drums but this, with the lyrics, is way too insane! HA!

  2. the ship this band used to perform on is still in service and has had a quite impressive career as a luxury cruise liner. wikipedia is your friend, see :

    an interesting find, i must say! i wished i had the means to go on a caribbean luxury cruise :-(

  3. Thanks Sir Of Derek! Indeed! As winter closes in on me, I too would appreciate a week or two in the Caribbean!


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