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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Limbo Party - Ivy Pete And His Limbomaniacs

Limbo All De Way Home
Limbo Party
Ivy Pete and his Limbomaniacs
Sommerset SF-17600

A disclaimer from the back cover: We recommend you do not try the flame bit on the pole... this is for real experts or drunks that live near a firehouse. If your local department store doesn't have a set of Limbo poles in stock, make your own.

From Billboard - November 17, 1962: The Limbo is all the rage as the dance of the moment and both kids and adults have taken to it. Here's a calypso group which plays a flock of familiar items in this genre, all with basically the same beat. You can limbo to  them all. At the same time, non-dancing fans who simply like calypso will find this combo to their liking. The well-known (for the most part) repertoire includes "Jamaica Farewell," "Sly Mongoose," "Mary Add" and "Man Smart, Woman Smarter." Can be a steady rack item, while the craze holds on.

Jamaica Farewell
Little Brown Skin Girl
Sly Mongoose
I Adore Her
Donkey Wants Water
Limbo Mah
Mary Add
Somebody Bad Stole The Wedding Bell
Liza, See Me Here
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Limbo All De Way Home

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  1. I imagine that Aqua Net hairspray, so prevalent at the time, was mighty flammable!


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