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Friday, March 12, 2010

Charlene Prickett Does Floors

Small Sample From LP
Exercise material is alway great, because the material relies so heavily on pop culture gimmicks. The material has a shelf live of about two days and then it becomes something to poke fun at.

Hey... I'm all for exercise... no matter what you use to clean your floors with!


  1. HA! This is truly perfect! wow.

  2. When we lived in northern Montana, my wife would get up in the mornings to do the exercises with Charlene. We watched it on Lethbridge (Canada) TV. Charlene was on Local TV in Calgary. This was in the 80's. We have a Beta tape somewhere. Charlene was great, she was fun, and my wife got back in shape after our babies. I fondly remember how she firmed up with Charlene....


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