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Monday, March 8, 2010

Music For Expectant Fathers

Spanish Garden
Music For Expectant Fathers - Out Of Wedlock
Larry Williams Quartette
Recorded Live At The Malibu Lounge-Hapeville, GA
Talent Mart Production
Kin-Tel Studios 196?

I can find no information on this oddball record. A total low budget whacked project. A "Talent Mart Production"? You've got to love the jacket.

The music is uneven as a package, some live numbers, some cornball lounge and some cooking lounge tunes and a few songs that are just way out... Take for instance this guitar instrumental, Spanish Garden!

These guys were rocking! They must have been a great live act!



  1. That is fabulous! Love the tune. What a riot that cover and title are. great stuff!

  2. Hi~ Hope this reaches you. I have searched off and on for info on this for years. My dad, Dave Rubin performed on this record. I have the album...but alas, no way to play it. I lost my dad seven years ago. This album was the first time that I heard "Danny Boy" recorded as a child. This past May, my youngest son graduated from college (he shared a unique relationship with my dad) and as we were sitting and waiting for the ceremony to begin...the band played, "Danny Boy"....needless to say, I lost it. It was like my dad was smiling down on his youngest grandchild saying, "Way to go!'
    Glad that I stumbled upon this.
    Karen Rubin Brown

  3. the guitar player on this album is glenn thomas norcross and gainesville ga.

  4. Do you still have this album for sale? My nieces father in law Merle Cain sings on this album, would love to get it for my great nephew. Please advise.

    1. Hello. Thank you for leaving a comment. While I do have this LP stored somewhere around here, none of the albums posted on this blog are for sale at this time. – Mark

  5. My husband Johnny and I are howling with laughter to find this site. His father Larry Williams passed away late eighties. He has fond memories of these fellas and remembers setting up their equipment in local bars. Thanks for your find


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