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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Johnny Gruelle's Raggedy Ann Songs And Stories - Frank Luther

Little Wooden Willie
Johnny Grelle's
Raggedy Ann Songs And Stories
Frank Luther
A Product Of Decca Record
VL 3665

From Billboard - October 26, 1959: Strong low price kiddie merchandise. Luther does such material as "My Raggedy Ann," "The Cheery Scarecrow," "The Fairy Ring," and many other pieces of material.

My Raggedy Ann - The Cheery Scarecrow
The Fairy Ring - The Worn Out Doll - The Cookie Bush
Mother Dear - Belove Belindy - Frederika
The Swinging Brooklet - Christmas Morn - Little Wooden Willie
The Tired Old Horse - Coo Coo Clock
Snoopwiggy - Happy Bluebirds - Raggedy Andy

Accompanied by Jesse Crawford At The Organ (side two)
Raggedy Ann and Andy and The Nice Fat Policemen
Raggedy Ann and The Golden Butterfly
Raggedy Ann in The Magic Book

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