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Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Feminine Sax - Willene Barton

Barton's Blues
The Feminine Sax
Rock "N" Rhythms of the Dayton Selby Trio
Featuring Willene Barton
Cover Photo by Philip Lustig
Design Records DLP 33
Division Of Pickwick Sales

Reissue of There She Blows! Hollywood LPH-15

From the back cover: A woman in a man's world. That's about the only way to describe Willene Barton. Willene is to the saxophone what Lillian Briggs is to the trombone. A dervish, a talented exponent of unusual riffs and progressive chords and certainly the foremost member of her sex to establish her career in the music industry as a playing artist. – Roy Freeman

Too Close For Comfort
Blues #2
Blues #1
Little Brown Jug
Dayton's Dance
I'll Never Stop Loving You
Blues #3
Seven Eleven
Breakin' The Blues
Blue Moon
In The Still Of The Night
Barton's Blues

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