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Monday, July 3, 2017

Anything Goes - Peter Appleyard

Bernie's Tune
Anything Goes
The Peter Appleyard Quartet
RCA Victor LCP-1007

Peter Appleyard - Vibraharp
Ronnie Rully - Drums
Jimmie Dale - Piano
Jack Lander - String Bass

* Herbie Helbig, Archie Alleyne and Hughie Currie replacing Appleyard's supporting musicians on these numbers.

From the back cover: Peter, who had become very well school as a drummer in England, in Bermuda taught himself to play vibes. This he accomplished during his two years' stay there.

Peter was able to adapt the showmanship of drums and the musicianship of vibes into one cohesive act – which is the best way to express it – and which was the best way to get a job with Billy O'Connor, in Toronto. While still with Billy's group, Peter began working with the Cal Jackson trio on a weekly TV show. During the time he worked with this group, they became one of the most popular jazz combos in Canada – very probably because of Peter, who had the foresight to perform as a showman as well as a musician – a thing that so many of today's musicians neglect to do.

During Peter's sojourn with both of these groups, he was improvising and developing; and consequently decided to lead his own combo. The popularity of the Peter Appleyard Quartet was proved when they performed nightly for nine months in Jackie Rae's Stage Door, in Toronto. They were featured many times on Coast to Coast TV shows, and eventually were successful in getting an RCA Victor recording contract. (Which, incidentally, is the only Canadian Jazz contract of its kind in Canada, with the exception of Oscar Peterson's made some time ago).

So much for the group – now, let's look at the man – Peter Appleyard. This personable young man deplores the "funny hat" type of performer, but as we have pointed out, he most emphatically feels that a leader must be a showman as well as a musician. He has come a long way from the time he was 14 year old and a drummer in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England.

Probably his greatest influences have been Lionel Hampton and Red Norvo; but he has managed to retain his own style, which is unquestionably Peter Appleyard. Pete has a strong desire to remain in Canada; however, current offers from the U.S. may necessitate his departure from that country.

Apart from practicing every day, Peter has time for two hobbies – photography and horseback riding, both of which he spends as much time at as possible.

Among Pete's fellow Equestrians are yours truly and Stan Getz. – Phil MacKellar (Metronome Disc Jokey Of The Year 1954-55)

The Continental
* Body And Soul
McNamara's Bandwagon
* Sweet Georgia Brown
Love For Sale
Anything Goes
Limehouse Blues
After I Say I'm Sorry
* Wednesday At Two
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
* Bernie's Tune
Lincolnshire Poacher

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