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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tea And Trumpets - Stanley Applewaite & Roy Freeman

If I Had A Love That Loved Me
Stanley Applewaite Plays
Tea And Trumpets
Featuring Roy Freeman, trumpet
Cover Photo by Philip Lustig
Design Records DLP 40

From the back cover: A student of Maurice Fitzwarren of the Royal Farnsworth Orchestra School, Roy Freeman has received recognition from all of England's music critics for the fine mellow tone he achieves on his instrument. Notice the control on the unusual opening passages of Moritat. The ethereal qualities of the low register vibrato. Shades of Bobby Hackett. This is an album to be played and relaxed to.

From Billboard - October 7, 1957: Routine pop item by English work with trumpet featured throughout. Program includes items possibly more familiar to English audiences than ours. The sound inclines toward an unpleasant "boominess" in spots but bargain-hunters won't wince. At the $1.49 price, it should have more than a few takers.

(Medley) Darling My Heart, Its Yours, Standing In The Rain, Sing Nightingale Sing
(Medley) You Make The World Beautiful, Virginia Blues, Two Hearts In May
If I Had A Love That Loved Me
(Medley) Love Is A Story, Missouri, Two Blue Eyes
John And Julie

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