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Monday, June 12, 2017

Tamure Tahiti - Charles Mauu

The Hora
Tamure! Tahiti!
Authentic Tamures, Chants and Ballads
Charley Mauu - His Coconut Use and Roche's Tahitians
Recorded by Gaston Gilbert in Papeete, Tahiti
Dot DLP 3494

"tamure" pronounced "tai-moo-ray")

From the back cover: The cover on this album was photographed in the mountains about 10 miles from Papeete, and was so remote that only Gaston Guilbert knew the way, through all the members of the troupe were natives, except yours truly. The girl dancing was a chef at a local hotel who worked as a model for the day. She was one of the best dancers of the "tamure" in addition to being pretty. About 6 months after this picture was taken, she was chosen to star in the Mutiny On The Bounty. This girl is Tarita.

Tamure (Enjoy Yourself)
Kiri Kiri (Tickle! Tickle!)
Vini Vini (Little Bird)
Ai'a Here (Beloved Island)
Aue Ua Reka (Let's Have Fun)
Te Hora (The Hour)
Himene No Te Tamai (Tahitian War Chant)
Fare Hiau (Grass Shack)
Tau Here (My Love)
Aue Aue (Oh! Oh!)
Vainui (The Big River)
Umete (The Bowl)

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