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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Braff!! - Ruby Braff

'S Wonderful
Ruby Braff
LN 3377
(Recorded June 26, 28 and July 10, 1956)

From Billboard - August 19, 1957: Excellent small band session with traditional overtones fired by trumpeter Braff, who has never sounded better. Great degree of set's impact is due to emotional quality of the blowing and strong yet tasty rhythmic support all the way. Such names as C. Hawkins, D. Elliot, L. Brown should arouse interest of jazz browser. If shown, both traditional and more modern fans could be sold

From the back cover: This is basically jazz. Not basic jazz or traditional jazz or Dixieland or any other fashion or past or present held in a rhythmic suspension based on four beats to the bar. It is just what Ruby says it is, a matching up of three informal sessions. In a repertoire consisting largely of jazz standards, ballads and tunes in bright tempos like candy in a window or dancers on a floor, the listener is introduced to new work by old masters (Hawkins, Brown) and to an exuberant diversity of those fresh, unaffected sounds that seem to be increasingly appealing to the jazz public. The instrumental groups and the tunes chosen are thus not haphazard, but planned. Reminded that he had a reputation for handling the trumpet with dexterity and ease, Ruby said, "Facility doesn't impress me – what people want is something to hear" – which, in a way, is a clue to what this album is all about.

Here's Freddie
Indian Summer
Blue Turning Grey Over Your
Just One More Chance
When My Dreamboat Comes Home
You're Lucky To Me
Moon glow
It's Been So Long
Too Marvelous For Words
How Long Has This Been Going On
'S Wonderful

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