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Friday, November 11, 2011

Music Of Mystery, Mayhem And Murder - Danny Davis

Red-Eyed Rats
Music From 007 - James Bond Motion Pictures
Music Of Mystery, Mayhem And Murder
Danny Davis And His Orchestra
Produced by Irv Stimler
Creative Consultant: Ben Bernstein
Director of Engineering: Val Valentin
Metro M/MS-520

This is a fantastic Bond set (aren't they all?). The record kicks off with the typical cover of Goldfinger but then picks up speed during The James Bond Theme followed by a terrific version of Peter Gunn . Davis then crosses over into Creed Taylor territory (Shock/Son Of Shock) by adding groans, moans and assorted sound effects to Monster Meeting.

Side two begins with several more Bond covers, From Russia With Love and Dr. No. followed by a killer cover of Fall Out (from Peter Gunn). Next up is another "Creed Taylor influenced" tune, Red-Eyed Rats. The set finishes with one last wild tune, The Chase.

Good stuff!

007 (James Bond Theme)
Peter Gunn
Chamber Of Horrors
Monster Meeting
From Russia With Love
Dr. No
Fall Out
Red-Eyed Rats
The Chase


  1. Great cover! Thanks for sending the file! It sounds great.

  2. Yes this is Danny Davis of Nashville Brass fame


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