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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Excerpts From The Rock Operas - Sweet Peace

I'm Free
Excerpts From The Rock Operas
Jesus Christ Superstar/Godspell/Tommy
Sweet Peace
Ambassador 98103

From the back cover: Sweet Peace, the rock group performing on this album, have been performing for 2 years and have toured most of the country. They come from a town called Storm Lake, Iowa and grew up close to nature and close to God. They are right on today's music, as is witnessed by their terrific arrangements and sound.

This is one of those obscure oddball albums that I have a hard time blogging. Is it a religious album? Is it a rock album? What was Ambassador thinking when they took on this project?  Did they think that there was a market for a budget "rock opera" knock-off of this nature? Apparently they did.

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