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Monday, November 7, 2011

Airport 1975

Airport 1975
Music Composed and Conducted By John Cacavas
MCA A-2082

This album is available on an import CD. So I'll not be posting a sample even though apparently the company pressed only one copy of the CD which can be found, today, on Amazon priced at $958.24. The rarity of only one copy in circulation must account for the stiff price.

Of course, more than one copy of the CD was pressed... You can find another copy today, on Ebay priced at $39.99. Or you can buy a SEALED copy of the original album on Ebay for $14.95!

There is a subtle 70s period sound to the track without making the music come off as cheesy (too bad for me…). The LP plays through nicely, setting a dramatic mood for the listener.

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  1. The sheer godawfulness of all the "Airport" movies besides the pretty good original obscures the fact the music is halfway decent on this one. If you were a kid on late sixties/early seventies airline flights (despite the Airport '75 title it's more '71) with big haired blond stews and the smell of cigarette smoke in the air cycle turbine systems and parents that drank Canadian Club.....yeah.


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