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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Many Shades Of Georgia Brown

The Blues
The Many Shades Of Georgia Brown
Capitol Records T 2329

This LP seems to be a forgotten Georgia Brown album. Read about Brown (Lillian Claire Laizer Getel Klot) who passed away in 1992 of surgery complications at the age of 58 on her wiki page.

Georgia Brown was a British singer and actress who has that "Broadway" vocal quality and power to her voice. However, she manages unlike other artists, to not to overpower the pop tunes on this album with drama and projection.

The album delivers nice space age jazz/blues/light pop feel.


  1. Hi Mark! I've just found Ms Georgia Brown and.. WOW! There's some links for this album? Thanka a lot.

    1. Thanks for stopping to say hi! In most instances I only post a sample. I know this drives folks nuts... but space and time are an issue for me. I also set out to make my blog more of an introduction to the music I run across, rather than a library of albums. In some rare instances, when the LP appears to be almost complete obscure I'll post the entire recording.


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