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Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Themes From Motion Pictures

La Dolce Vita
New Themes From Motion Pictures
Time Records 52065

Here's an album that's difficult to figure out who is who. From the cover it appears to be an artist compilation album. However, listed on the back cover the artists are credited as the "Personnel And Instrumentation" who appear on the album. But there is no credit given to a single arranger or conductor. I don't don't know why Time would print this list of apparent orchestra members unless the album wasn't done up as some type of "covers" project.

There is a credit given to Bill Putnam - Original and Re-recording Engineer.

Anyway, there are a whacky space age tunes on the album to enjoy!

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  1. Fun record! There are so many records like this with the list of movie theme titles on the jacket that it's easy to grab the same ones over and over. I have a bunch of these!


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