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Monday, July 18, 2011

George Cates' Polynesian Percussion

Hawaiian Wedding Song
Lawrence Welk Presents
George Cates' Polynesian Percussion
Dot Records SLP 25355

Here's a cool exotica record with Lawrence Welk's name on the cover!

George Cates severed as Welk's musical director in 1951 and conducted the orchestra in rehearsals and did arranging chores for many years. Cates composed Champagne Time, Welk's theme song. In 1973 Welk asked him to conduct the orchestra on camera which he did until the show ended in 1982.

This is an inventive blend of island, ping-pong and exotica highlighted by Alvino Ray and Buddy Cole's console guitar and Novachord work. Additional exotic instruments employed include Guiro, Boo-bams, Rhythm Logs, Celeste, Marimba, Xylophone, Bells, Pu Ili (or Pui sticks), Kalaau, Uli Uli, Tympani, Timbales, Conga Drum, Bongos, Maracas, Finger Cymbals (or Ching-Chings), Electric Bass, String Bass and Triangle.

This isn't the first Welk employee to go off the reservation and make a cool pop record. I've found several obscure albums by Dick Kesner that you might like to check out that feature inventive exotica/space age music. Amor Latino and Hawaii.

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  1. Nice! I have an LP called Polynesian Percussion, too, but not sure if it's this guy or not! Love the track!


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