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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Children's Western Songbook

Cow Poke
Children's Western Songbook
Twinkle Record
Premier Albums TW-42

From the back cover: Although the days of the "Wild West" may be over... the sheriff rides in a station wagon and the Indians are all college graduates... the magic of the old days lives on in movies, television shows, books, songs and the minds of children.

I love vintage music. A record for the kids with a mention of a "cigarette tree" in Big Rock Candy Mountain and The Lord in Cow Poke.

And the record was created without synth instruments, Smurf voices and, did I mention, that all the Indians are "college graduates"!


  1. Yeah, the copy on some of these old records is at times just as priceless as the music inside.

  2. Love it! Love what was written on the back cover!


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