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Friday, July 22, 2011

Bossa Nova - New Sounds In Jazz From South America - The Brasileros

Promenade San Paulo
Full Album
Bossa Nova
New Sounds In Jazz From South America
Featuring Desafinado & One Note Samba
The Brasileros
Diplomat D2285

Small combo jazz approach to bossa nova album from an obscure group.

Nice album from budget label, Diplomat.

Thanks for the additional information. I located the LP and have uploaded a copy. Sorry that the condition of this copy is a bit rough.

One Note Samba
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Sugar Loaf
Bossa Nova Blues
Sazella De Rio
Promenade San Paulo
In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
Witch Hazel


  1. Great LP. I have this one, too!

    1. Hi,

      I have heard this LP on a lousy copy but I like the music and there is no download available anywhere. Are you willing to post it (if possible in good quality)?
      Thanks and best regards

    2. Generally I post only samples. And in this case, the quality of my quality isn't top shelf. Thanks for asking!

    3. I provide some details hoping that you will make an exception in this case, because the record has not been commercially available for almost half a century and I cannot find a download either.
      It is Bill Barron on sax, young Kenny Barron on piano and Ron Carter on bass at a time when they needed money....
      Bill Barron has long passed away, but I contacted Kenny and he himself is not in possesion of any copy!
      You see: It is really a chance to keep this record from being forgotten!

    4. I see. That does make a difference. I checked my files. I suspect that because the pressing was a bit rough, that I decided not to save the entire LP. Now the question is... where did I put that record? My filing system here leaves a little to be desired. Let me see if I have enough luck to locate the record and I will post the entire file.

  2. Thank you!! I really appreciate your effort and I hope you are successful in finding the record. If possible please choose a good bitrate. I forgot to mention: Charlie Persip on drums.
    And: You have a new fan and follower.

  3. In the meantime I have played all songs two or three times - thanks a lot again. The record is not perfect, but a lot better than the tape I heard before.
    The only thing (I am even hesitating to ask after all you did already) - would it be possible to post it with a higher bitrate (like 256 or 320)? The dynamics of the sax would be so much better.
    But anyway - I am very grateful!
    Best regards from Austria / Europe


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