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Monday, February 21, 2011

Music From Bach To Rock

Music From Bach To Rock
Harry Fields His Piano and Quartet
A Souvenir Of The Wonderworld Of Gas
Capitol Custom

Once you get the obvious jokes out of your system... you'll discover a decent jazz album.

I've seen another cover that was created for this album. That cover features the same graphic sans the large yellow gas bubble and includes a sub head that reads A salute to the 150th anniversary of gas. I've also seen another Fields album titled Music For Cooking With Gas featuring the Harry Fields Quintet

I can't find any substanial mention of Fields outside of these two albums with the exception that he may have made a record in 1950 (Harry Fields and The New Yorkers - Caravan) and that Billboard didn't like the set saying  that the instrumental group built on the Irving Fields style suffers by comparison. Ouch...

The back cover indicates that he taught Mickey Rooney, Mae West, Judy Canova and Vince Edwards paino. He also was the author of an "...excellent piano instruction book entitled A Field Day at The Piano".

The sample track is a live track recorded at the 1963 American Gas Association Convention at The Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles. The band included Pete Condole (who played with Woody Herman and Stan Kenton), Plas Johnson (who played on records by Peggy Lee, Nat "King" Cole" and Frank Sinatra), Victor Feldman (who worked with Benny Goodman, George Shearing and Miles Davis) and Stan Levey (who was considered one of the earliest bebop drummers).


  1. Maybe he was the house band at the American Gas Assoc conventions. But it's FABULOUS stuff reminiscent of Hampton!

    1. Hi ..knew Harry personally ...studying with him at his home...for more about Harry visit

  2. This is one of the best recordings to me!!!!!


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