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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Fiddling Viking - Svend Asmussen

The Fiddling Viking
Svend Asmussen and his Dancing Strings
Columbia CL 1175

This album turned out to a bit of a surprise. The cover art, graphically, seems more modern than when it was printed in 1959. And the music, thankfully, turned out to be delightful big band easy listening pop with a modern jazz swing sound. The number one track is a nice cover of Tabu.

From the cover notes, it seems as though this album may have been Asmussen's introduction to American's record buyers. According to his wiki page, Asmussen toured the states in the late 50s. The article doesn't mention this album, but goes on to state that Asmussen recorded with Duke Ellington on Jazz Violin Session in 1963.

Here's another online article that goes into more detail. This album seems to have fallen through the cracks in this bio and it doesn't appear on his discography.


  1. Those Vikings can do anything. Nice track!

  2. Well that is FABULOUS! Rather, even, Exotica. And of course, one of our faves, Tabu!


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