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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Carnival In Paradise

Come To The Caribbean
Carnival In Paradise
Carib (A Product Of Caribbean Folk Music)
LP 2036 Stereo

Here is an obscure and terrific compilation album. Not only is the cover a treat, but Carib did a great job of assembling together a number of smoking "island" tunes including, Chippy's Junkanoo Street Carnival. A wild percussion based tune that is apparently a Christmas song and sounds like it could have been recorded by a New Wave band in the 70s. The Eloise Trio's, Come To The Caribbean is Yma Sumac-like.

Wings Of A Dove with Vocalist Lionel Lotmore is also a cool tune featuring a Reggae beat. That song is followed by one of the smoothest covers of Yellow Bird I've ever heard by Roy Shurland. Other songs I really enjoyed were Junkanoo In Nassau by Tony Alleyne & The Big Bamboo Orchestra and Bahama Lullaby also by Roy Shurland at the Big Bamboo.

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  1. this LP is fabulous, especially that Christmas tune. I was thrilled when Raymond sent me this! Cover is amazing!


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