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Monday, February 21, 2011

Exciting Sounds Of The Clebanoff Strings & Percussion

Quite Village
Exciting Sounds Of The Clebanoff Strings & Percussion
Mercury Records SR 60869

The March 6, 1961 Billboard: The arrangements are both tasteful and musical, and what is more they engage attention and hold it all the way through.

I can't find SR 60869 / MG 20869 anywhere online. I found this album with another cover design dated 1961/mono. This is the stereo release, which must have come a little later and, perhaps, saw little distribution.

I don't know what Billboard means by "tasteful and musical"... but the record is engaging, mixing a variety of styles from easy listening folk to groovy Enoch Light "light pop".


  1. OH that is just AMAZING! GREAT version of the tune. VERY Exotica! Great find! I want a copy!

  2. This was made to show off Stereo - wonderful lp. The original sleeve is easily downloaded - just put the title in the search engine


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