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Monday, April 8, 2019

Superb - Rita Moss

Gloomy Sunday
Rita Moss
Accompanied By Marty Paich
Arranged and Conducted by Marty Paich
Produced by Tom Mack
Engineer: Eddie Brackett
Dot Records
DLP 25839

From the back cover: Neal Hefit says: Rita Moss, the one of a kind, the Girl With The Flaxen Voice, has beguiled me since the first time I heard her sing. This unique facility of hers is a natural as breathing in and breathing out. Every time I hear her I'm captivated all over again and this album is another example why.

It only follows that her choice of the songs contained herein would be of the highest possible quality because of her impeccable taste. And what a perfect setting for that tastiness: the sensitive, imaginative arrangements of Marty Paich, whose scores match Rita's vocal interpretations nuance for nuance. Combine these elements and you have an album that is rightly named, "Superb."

Suggestion for an evening: invite some music l
overs to your home, pour the right wine, put this LP on and watch what happens. I know because I did.

He And I Alone
Forget Yesterday
He's Too Far Above Me
I Never Go There Any More
Love Is A Simple Thing
Who Will Be With You
Wait Until Dark
This Lonely Town
Wake Up Heaven
Gloomy Sunday
Visit Me

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