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Saturday, April 13, 2019

For Dancers Also - Les Elgart

Green Satin
For Dancers Also
Les Elgart And His Orchestra
Cover Photo: Ahl Reiff
Columbia CL 1008

From the back cover: Les Elgart and his Orchestra are among the prime movers in this dandy revival and proffer in this program a dozen of their happiest inspirations. The Elgart sound is a happy combination of standard elements in dance-band orchestration (less the piano) but used with unusual imagination. There is a brightness and bounce about the orchestra's work that has made it a prime favorite for proms and for hotels alike. Coupled with its happy beat is the kind of precision and clarity that only good musicians can provide. All these elements are woven together in a book of arrangements – mostly the work of Charles Albertine – that are modern, light and full-voiced. They are also international; the Elgart records released in Europe have just as popular there as in the United States.

From Billboard - July 1, 1957: It's the second time an Elgart instrumental dance LP has been selected as Columbia's $2.98 "Buy Of The Month," and this one, like its predecessor, figures to hit the money list. Same ingredients are here – simply, swingy, sophisticated scorings of great standard tunes – eminently danceable. Cover is attractive, and most important for the younger set, the price is right.

Who Cares
How Long Has This Been Going On?
Why Do I Love You?
You Go To My Head
Green Satin
The Boy Next Door
'S Too Much
I Hear A Rhapsody
Sheer Delight
High On A Windy Hill
You Walk By

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