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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Latino - Don Swan

Miami Beach Rumba
Don Swan and His Orchestra
Producer: Si Waronker
Photography: Garrett-Howard
Cover Design: Pate/Francis & Assoc.
Liberty Records, Inc.
LST 7123

From the back cover: Although the tunes are all rooted in the traditional Latin Rhythms of cha cha, guaracha, tango, mambo, rumba, merengue and even a paso doble, Maestro Swan has managed to make them sound new and fresh and somehow different with his modernistic touch.

Don Swan is no newcomer either to Latin music or Liberty Records. This is the noted composer-conductor-arranger's fourth album for Liberty, but his first that is not devoted solely to cha cha tempo.

Don Swan is Latin only by musical osmosis. He is of German descent, hails from Wisconsin, achieved early fame as a jazz arranger and now spends most of his time in Miami. But his absorption with and interest in Latin music has left its mark on musical history via many arrangements for Xavier Cugat, Perez Prado, Desi Arnaz, Miguelito Valdez and Lina Roman

Latino Volume Two - Liberty Records LRP 3161

From Billboard - September 14, 1959: Sharp, crisp big band treatments of many favorite Latin melodies. Maestro Swan has mixed up the rhythms nicely and includes the cha chas, tango, rhumba, mambo, paso doble, and even a fast rumba. Unusually good recorded sound here with a program that can please practically any dancer's fancy. The lady on the cover will have strong merchandising appeal.

El Cumbanchero (Guaracha-Fast Rumba)
Chatita (Cha Cha)
La Paloma (Tango)
Miami Beach Rumba
Once Ocheta Y Uno (Paso Doble)
Razz-Berry Mambo
Linda Mujer (Rumba)
Betita (Cha Cha)
Hokey Joe (Rumba)
Gracias (Cha Cha)
A San Antonio Me Voy (Mambo)
Cha Cha In Alaska

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