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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Percussion Orientale - David Carroll

Twilight In Turkey
Percussion Orientale
Musical Sounds Of The Middle East
David Carroll And His Orchestra
Mercury Records PPS 2002


Percussion: Bobby Christian, Frank Rullo, Richard Schory, Jerry Slosberg
Piano: Bob Acri
Guitars: Earl Backus, Johnny Gray
Bass: John Frigo, Harold Siegel
Concertina: Vince Geraci
Trumpet: Bill Babcock
Trombone: Earl Hoffman
Harp: Edward Druzinsky
Woodwinds: Howard Davis, Wally Preissing, Mike Simpson, John Cameron, Bob Tootelian

Strings: Fritz Siegal, Herman Clebanoff, Theodore Silavin, Joe Goodman, Dave Chausow, Art Tabacknick, Shirley Tabachnick, Harold Kupper, Al Muenzer, Harold Klatz.

The solo flute passages are by Wally Preissing, solo oboe passages by John Cameron. When two oboes play, Bob Tootelian joins Cameron. The Bakoura solo of Twilight In Turkey is by Mike Simpson. The solo violin passages are by Fritz Siegal.

Mike Simpson arranged Caravan and Twilight In Turkey. All other arrangements by David Carroll.

In A Persian Market
Harem Dance
Ballet Egyptian
Twilight In Turkey
Scheherazade Themes
Danse Orientale
Dance Of The Slave Maidens

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