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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Award Winning Album - Joni James

Purple Shades
Award Winning Album Of Million Sellers
Joni James
MGM E3934

From the back cover: Cover Photographer Jon Abbot has been a professional photographer for 23 years. His wide range of ability and experience has made him much in demand as an advertising photographer. He studied photography and music in his native Germany, has been a music scholar for 20 years and is an accomplished pianist.

From Billboard - June 2, 1958: MGM Records, following its successful special price push on sound track albums has set as its latest campaign a "June for Joni" promotion.

For the month of June, a customer can buy any one of a dozen Joni James albums for $1.98 with the purchase of one at the regular $3.98 price tag. The deal also includes EP's with a two-pocket job going for $1.49 with the purchase of one for the normal $2.49 price. For a one pocket EP, the price is 99 cents with one bought for the regular price of $1.29.

Also from Billboard - April 10, 1954 (10 inch MGM E 234 "Award Winning Album"): The tunes that brought the thrush to the attention of every teen-ager in the country, and to many others besides, are included on this collection of Joni James hits. "Why Don't You Believe Me?" "Have You Heard?" "Your Cheatin' Heart," "Is It Any Wonder" and "My Love, My Love" are all here. Little doubt that this set will move rapidly across the counters to the canary's large following.

Have You Heard
Almost Always
Purple Shades
Your Cheatin' Heart
Why Don't You Believe Me
Is It Any Wonder
Wishing Ring
My Love, My Love
How Important Can It Be?
You Are My Love
My Believing Heart
When We Come Of Age

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