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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Girls, Guitars And Gibson - Don Gibson

Fireball Mail
Girls, Guitars And Gibson
Don Gibson
Produced by Chet Akins
RCA Victor LPM-2361

From Billboard - July 31, 1961: The appealing voice of Don Gibson comes across with warmth, virility and humor on this outstanding LP. Produced by Chet Atkins, the album is a winning compilation of long-time favorites and newer material done with exquisite taste in a variety of tempos and moods. The arrangements and instrumental performance behind the singer are stunning, while Don's vocal efforts are equally top-notch.

From the back cover: The recording sessions went off without a hitch; Don never sounded as relaxed as he did when singing to Anita Kerr's arrangements. The guitarists who made up the trio were tremendous; Johnny Smith, the jazz guitarist who gives just the right touch to any ballad, flew in from Colorado Springs to make the dates; Nashville's Hank Garland, the driving stylist who is also developing an enviable national reputation as a jazz man; and Harold Bradley, another fine local guitarist. If this group sounds more jazz inspired than you would expect to hear out of the country music capitol of the world (Nashville, Tennessee), you must realize that both kinds of music are basically improvisatory and are inspired by very emotions. If fact, one of the best places in the nation to hear good jazz is in Nashville at Jimmy Hyde's Carousel, where country guitar players meet jazz musicians, not only to admire each other's craft, but also to join together to play one kind of music – American music.

Lonesome Road
I Think It's Best
Born To Lose
White Silver Sands
No One Will Ever Know
Fireball Mail
Above And Beyond
Driftwood On The River
Compton Races
Beautiful Dreamer
Cute Little Girls
The Last Letter

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