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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Brief Interlude - Otto Cesana

Brief Interlude
Composed and conducted by Otto Cesana
Capitol Records T1032

Interesting track titles along with the mention of "jazz" influence on the back cover suggest that this set might play like a late 50s mood concept LP. However, the marketing does not translate into a sound that is anything more than a straight-laced "soundtrack-like" project.

From the back cover: Cesana says about the sources of Brief Interlude: "From jazz... I derived sincere sentiment: in fact, it is this naive but deep and honest feeling that is the life-blood of all real jazz. To the great harmonists such as Debussy and Wagner I own a great deal of my harmonic dexterity; from Beethoven comes my knowledge of thematic development and some sound principles of musical form, and to Rimsky-Korsakov, that meticulous master of orchestration, I owe most of my knowledge of orchestration. Of course for over-all sincerity and emotional intensity, I offer a very low bow to that monument of integrity - Tchaikovsky."

Summer Affair
Strolling Along
Always You
Omar The Tent-Maker

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