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Friday, May 27, 2016

Dance The Bossa Nova - Zaccarias

Dance The Bossa Nova
Zaccarias And His Orchestra
Recorded In Brazil
A&R Coordinator: Ethel Gabriel
RCA Camden CAL-749

From Billboard - December 8, 1962: This low priced addition to the bossa nova catalog is an attractive group of big band renditions, as turned out by clarinetist Zaccarias and his orchestra. The emphasis is on rhythm for dancing rather than on the jazz aspects. Besides some Brazilian tunes, several U.S. pop melodies are converted for this use. Good Quality for the bargain price customer.

Sabres Dance
Bye Bye Blues
Fim de Parceria
Holiday for Strings
Seesaw de Samba No. 1
Dizzy Fingers
Sambalada do Curacao

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  1. One of my favorites LP's. It was stolen by a friend that denied that he had borrowed the disc... Many years after I moved to Norway and found this disc on internett and I didn't doubt to purchased it. I got a stereo version because my original was mono. I love this disc and everytime I start my record palyed the first LP, as a ritual, is this. Highly recommenede to these who loves bossa nova with jazz flavor...


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