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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pink Hawaii - Billy Mure

Return To Paradise
Pink Hawaii
Billy Mure And The Islanders
Strand Records
SL/SLS 1070

On this set you will hear a mix of space age "Island" approaches, all of which blend nicely together. From the more traditional "steel guitar sound", to "exotica", to that early 60s light pop "sound". A representative example was hard to choose. My personal favorite was the "exotica-flavored" (bird calls) Return To Paradise which is a perfect soft blend of instruments, choral accents and environmental sounds.

Mure didn't create a "guitar" album, rather, he made a balanced light pop space age set.

From the back cover: A while back, when a popular television show was being filmed in Hawaii, the host of the show, along with the members of the cast, were enthusiastic in their appraisal of the beauty of the state.

They expressed it in terms of of everything looking so "PINK" and lovely. Therefore, the noted guitarist and composer BILLY MURE wrote a song to express this beauty, and thus "PINK HAWAII", an extremely delightful album of popular Hawaiian melodies.

Pink Hawaii (Pompadour)
Sweet Leilani (Joy)
Blue Hawaii (Famous)
Flamingo (Tempo)
Song Of The Island (Miller)
Hawaiian War Chant (Miller)
The Moon Of Manakoora (Franck)
Return To Paradise (Remick)
I Found My Wahine (Pompadour)
Hawaiian Drums (Heatherfield)

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