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Friday, February 8, 2013

More Drums Of Passion - Olatunji

More Drums Of Passion
Columbia CS 9307

From the back cover: Mbira: Contrary to popular opinion, a variety of musical instruments other than drums exists in Africa, The sansa (a thumb piano or finger xylophone) is native to Africa and is common throughout the continent. It is not known anywhere else except in parts of the Americas, where it was used years ago in place of the bass fiddle. The instrument is made in a variety of styles; the ones used in this selection have a number of metal rattan tongues attached to a sounding ball and box. An additional resonator is used to increase the volume. Each tongue is a simple idiophone which is struck to produce a soft sound like that of a xylophone, but with more of a plucked tone quality. On one of the sans as used, metal pieces are hung from the box handle to add rattling sounds of a different quality. Another instrument used in this selection is the African xylophone, which adds an exciting tonal quality to that of the sansa.

Ire Dodo Ye
Omo Pupa

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