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Monday, February 11, 2013

Subliminal Sounds - Leo Diamond

Jungle Drums
Subliminal Sounds
Musical Magic With Leo Diamond And His Orchestra

From Billboard September 7, 1959: Harmonica artist Leo Diamond – also an expert in the recording art – has put together a beautifully done package of standards. Album cover includes one of those magical blinking orbs, which, with the album title, lends a touch of mystery to the contents. The performances are really fine, and include "Laura," "Off Shore" and "Jungle Drums."

From the back cover: Mr. Diamond has gone far above and beyond the call of musicianship. Continually searching for new and greater applications of sound, this virtuoso spends countless hours in experimentation with recording techniques, expansion of range and perfection of construction. To this end, he employs a tremendous number of instruments which he has assembled himself.

Oh darn... my copy is missing the blinking eye...

Oh well... not to worry... I've still got the great music to enjoy. OK OK... I want the blinking eye cover!

Until I find a blinking eye cover, enjoy a sample from one of Diamond's best albums.

How High The Moon
Through The Lonely Night
Jungle Drums
Off Shore
Three Coins In The Fountain
Dream Train
Autumn Leaves
High On A Windy Hill
The Last Round Up

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