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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Exciting Sounds Of The South Seas - Leo Diamond

Exciting Sounds Of The South Seas
Leo Diamond
His Harmonica And Orchestra
Reprise R9-6002

Available online for purchase/download, so I will not be posting a sample. Sorry.

I enjoyed the cover art on this album which seems advanced for 1961. Credits go to Paula Powers and Merle Share.

The song titles on the LP are some of my favorite "exotic" standards from the period, including Beyond The Reef, Pagan Love Song and Hawaiian Wedding Song. However pleasant and not to slight Diamond, the vibe here is too easy listening for me. Diamond made more progressive records that spoiled me including Skin Diver Suite - RCA LPM-1165, 1956.

South Sea Island Magic
Lovely Hula Hands
Beyond The Reef
Breein' Along With The Breeze
Pagan Love Song
My Isle Of Golden Dreams
Ukulele Lady
Under A Blanket Of Blue
How Is The Hour
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Far Away Places

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