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Monday, February 4, 2013

Exotic Suite Of The Americas - Perez Prado

Uamanna Africano
Son Of A Gun
Exotic Suite Of The Americas
Perez Prado
And Six Other Prado Sound Spectaculars
RCA LSP 2571

Side one of this album features the Exotic Suite. Side two is billed on the back cover as: Prado offers six thrilling new sound spectaculars dressed in the same colorful and inimitable Prado treatment... still more of the exotic music of the Americas.

Well... no, side two features tracks that sounds like Prado doing 60s Command style discotheque. Aside from a few trademark Prado grunts... I had to look at the record label to make sure that the correct record came out of the jacket and the artist was Prado. The vibe is so far removed from the cover graphic and the content heard on side one... well... it's just strange.

The content heard on side one better reflects the outstanding cover graphic although I still had a hard time getting into the groove of the "suite". The sample above, thankfully is awesomely "exotic". Other passages on side one, to me, do not to support the suggested cover theme or work together all that well.

Still, how can you beat the excellent cover art and Uamanna Aftricano? The tracks on side two are cool light pop even although you may need to make some adjustments to your expectations to consume them.

Theme Of Two Worlds
Theme Of Two Worlds
Uamanna Africano
Blues in C Major
Theme Of Two Worlds
Midnight In Jamaica
Mama Yo Quiero
Son Of A Gun
Jacqueline & Caroline
El Relicario
I Could Have Danced All Night

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