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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Just Some Of Those Songs Mrs. Robinson - King Richard's Fluegel Knights

Scarborough Fair
Young Girl
Just some Of Those Songs Mrs. Robinson
King Richard's Fluegel Kights
Music Director Dick Behrke
Produced By Bob Tompson
MTA Records MTS 5011

Here's another King Richard (Dick Behrke) album issued the year after his MTA release - Something Super!

This is another fine brass based light pop effort featuring unique arrangements and very good engineering.

The jacket is an elaborate book-fold featuring an obscure visual play on, what looks to me, period soundtrack album design which strikes me as not such great marketing for this terrific collection of tunes.

Like To Get To Know You
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
San Jose
Scarborough Fair
Something Classic
Young Girl
Trains, Boats And Planes
Gentle On My Mind
I Will
Mrs. Robinson

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  1. The back cover to this LP always makes me chuckle. A hippie guy and hippie girl are chatting on the street as the prim and proper "Mrs. Robinson" looks on curiously. She offers the young man a light of his cigar and begins chatting with the young couple, becoming more comfortable with them as the conversation progresses until she's puffing on a cigar of her own and letting her hair down from it's conservative housewifely bun. Mrs. Robinson and the young man end up in an alley, naked, she having shed her housewife frock and ready to enjoy the young man and he her. Ah, the 60's...!


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