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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Famous Film Favorites - Musical Comedy Songs - Bettie Page Cover

Famous Film Favorites
Russ Case And His Orchestra
Rondo-lette Record Corporation 874

That is the fabulous Bettie Page gracing the cover.

I had trouble finding this catalog number online. The number doesn't fit into any of the available numbered series that I can find. Anyway, from what I can tell this is a late 50s release. In 1959 Page converted to evangelical Christianity and went on to work for Billy Graham.

The music is very straight-laced orchestrated stuff. I found that one of the tracks, Stradivarius, may have come from Case's album Gypsy Moods, 1955.
You're The Top
The Best Musical Comedy Songs
The Broadway Singers And Orchestra
Halo 50245

I don't "improve" my cover scans so that you can best example of the original cover that I can provide. So, as you can see in this instance, this Halo cover is the better example of the image if you were looking for a copy.

Much of the music is off-the-shelf broadway type stuff. I'm not sure what Halo meant by "comedy"...

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